Selling tee shirt is always a great idea. These are not in any particular order of importance but they are 3 things you must know before, or right after you start. With a little research at the beginning you’ll have a huge advantage on 80% of the people starting their t-shirt business.

1) Find your niche, or I like to say who your passion speaks to. With this you’ll know if there’s a market for your shirt and how viable it is. If you have no idea how, here are 3 steps how you can do that.

A) Create a Facebook fan page and invite people see what they say listen to their feedback.
B) Ask yourself, who would wear the shirts, why and where can I find them?
C) Search the web to see if you find similar products targeted to the same audience, if you do that’s good it means there’s a market and study that brand. Look at where they’re advertising, call and ask for a media kit.

2) Find a good quality, inexpensive printer that has experience. Don’t settle with the once that make uniforms for little league and only use illustrator with 4 color spot process. Let me give you 3 simple ways to find them.

A) Find a company whose quality of printing you like and simply call them and ask, you’ll be surprise how willing they are to help.
B) Use there you can find thousands of them. Do research on them and eliminate the once that don’t pass your criteria.
C) Let me give you a tip, if you’re paying more than 6.50$ (dollars) per shirt your paying too much. And I’m talking about American Apparel shirts, 10 color prints on front and back, bagged and tagged.

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3) Build your website to sell and to attract your target audience. Remember youre selling a product not an idea or a vision, no matter how cool your brand is, you have to make the navigation easy and effortless. Don’t get caught in the hype of the brand, make it attractive but not to the point where your sacrificing a good shopping experience for a cool extra graphic. Less is more when it comes to design, focus on the shopping experience and the potential costumer. Let me give you 3 examples.

A) Make sure people can buy your shirts from any platform. Be it an iPad, iPhone, laptop, Droid….. anything. Don’t use fancy flash (moving parts on the site) because a lot of phones and devices won’t read them.
B) Get a reliable shopping cart that has good customer service and accepts all different types of payment methods. Keep track of inventory don’t sell something you don’t have, make sure your shopping cart has that option.
C) Brand your website keep the continuity throughout all your social media platforms. Make sure you potential costumer know where he/she are the entire time throughout the entire process. In other words try to make all your pages look similar (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Blog) keep the continuity of the design where possible, definitely within your website.

This will not make you a successful company or promise you growth nor will it give you hope of a bright future, but it will save you time if you follow these steps. Well now you know how to start a t-shirt business the correct way, that will give you the advantage over many competitors. Create something no one has seen and be so good at it that you can’t be ignored, then you’ll succeed.