How tshirt printing business make a great income? Have you ever thought about having your own business because Tee Shirt Printing may just be right for you? This article will layout some of the details and processes you will need to follow to be successful. Probably the most essential ingredient will be an original or preferably several original designs.

Any business must know their customer and the Tee Shirt Printing business is no different. Who or what is your market? Who buys Tee Shirts with the type of designs you will produce? How big is this market? How do the customers normally buy, online, shop? What is the average price and will there be sufficient profit? How many items will you need to make a profit? How about clubs and associations? Football clubs, athletic clubs. What about Fan Clubs? How about your local school or college for their various teams? As you may begin to see, this could be a very big market.

What we are doing here is a mixture of brainstorming followed by market research to enable us to construct a business plan. This document lays out your research and helps you identify who your market is and what it is they buy and at what price point. Armed with this information you can then produce Tee Shirts with your unique designs to satisfy the market you have identified. You will be far more likely to have a profitable home business because of your research.

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Now you will need equipment and supplies of plain Tee Shirts to print your Tee Shirts on but your market research will have established the end result that your consumer is looking for. With this in mind you can source the appropriate quality goods. The equipment you will need will comprise a computer, graphic design software, a printer, good quality heat transfer paper and a heat press.

The heat press is used to transfer your design onto the Tee Shirt and is achieved by pressing down on the Tee Shirt whilst in the heat press with the design on top. The heat and pressure transfers the design to the Tee Shirt. The heat press closes like a clam shell although both surfaces of the press are flat. The heat press will take up an area no bigger than that of a photocopier.

Now you need to get these Tee Shirts in front of your target market that you have already identified and sell to them online or via retailers.